Hotel Oddities

When I checked into my Indian hotel for the first time in July, I wanted to make myself a cup of tea. There were two mugs on the table. I picked one up and inspected it. Seeing a small blot of dust, I placed it down and used the other mug for tea. It’s now October and I recently checked into the hotel again and coincidentally have the same room. Once again, I go to make myself a cup of tea and find that same damn mug with the dust in it. I can only imagine how many people have gone through the process of only choosing the other mug. It’s quite astonishing really.

Since I’m on the topic of hotels, I have another interesting story to share. While eating dinner at the hotel, one of the senior managers comes over to chat with us. Apparently tomorrow there is going to be a very large gathering coming to the hotel and there are not enough available rooms. To accommodate this, I was asked to vacate my room and go to other hotel which would be completely arranged by the senior manager. Fortunately, this is actually in my favor since they will be putting me up in a hotel that is closer to where I need to be this weekend. Now I assume the reason I was asked to do this favor is because I am good friends with the senior manager. But I can only imagine what a random person would do if they were asked to comply with this strange request. Only in India I suppose.

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