Hotel Fashion Show

On Saturday, the hotel that I lived in for 9 months held a fashion show for models from all over India. Although the show was intended for those who purchased tickets, I was invited because of the good relationship I have with the staff.  Every day I keep learning how important building relationships with others can be.

They really made the place look good with lights, music, the works. I had never attended a fashion show so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I guess I thought it would be something like THIS.



I made sure to have a little photo shoot with the staff before the show began.



I’m not sure what the theme of the show was, but Miss India 2013 was there which everybody was excited about.

Models 1


Everyone was taking photos including the hired photographers, attendees, and the staff.

Models 2


At the end of the show everybody clapped for the designer.

Models 3

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