Funny Food Delivery

One of the families that lives in my apartment community has a son going to school in Boston. On my most recent trip home, his mother asked if I can bring some home-cooked foods for him. I said it was no problem and brought the goodies with me.

Since they were cooked foods, he needed to collect them from me before they went bad. Unfortunately, I was away that weekend so I couldn’t go out to meet him. To spare my mother the details, I told her that my “friend” would be coming to collect a bag of food. Seemed simple enough.

While out of the house, I get a call from him saying he’s at the train station in my town. I tell him to sit tight until my mother could drive over to give him the food. So my mother drives over to the train station to drop off the food. Because he was very thoughtful, he brought flowers and wine with him.

My mother had no idea who he was so she asked him if he went to high school with me. He politely said no and that I knew his mother in India. Then he exchanged his gifts for the food and headed off.

The best part of this scenario is if somebody that knew my mother saw this exchange take place. My mother meeting a young indian man holding flowers and wine in an empty parking lot in the middle of the day.


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