I tried to get a rickshaw from my hotel but there weren’t any there. So, I decided I would just walk to the mall. Cross the streets is like playing high stakes Frogger.

Once I got to the mall, I was trying to find where the salon was so that I could get a haircut. Turns out it was located inside the supermarket. Very strange. The guy did a good job though and it only cost me 6 bucks for a trim.

I got lunch at KFC, which seemed a lot better than the American KFC. My order was so large that they gave me 4 free drinks. I gave one to a guy sitting next to me. I gave another to a kid sitting across from me. He was hesitant to accept the drink. However, his friend was very eager to have a tasty drink.

On my way home, I gave my leftover lunch to a lady outside and set off for the hotel. I walked by a big fruit stand, which seemed to have everything you could possible think of. I also passed by a music store that was really cool. I told my friend Bach about it, since he’s looking to buy a small keyboard.


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