First Weekend

Started the day off with some thunder from down under. That Indian food is pretty powerful stuff. We took a taxi to old Bombay and saw the Gate of India. We were approached by some Indian college students who asked us about our thoughts on India so far. They were all very friendly.

Afterwards we took a long boat ride to the Elefante Caves. They never told us it’d be such a hike, or that they’d charge us several times along the way. We saw cows, goats, monkeys, and some really interesting caves.

Later in the day we stopped by Leopold’s Café to cool down. I got a tasty mango smoothie. To get home, we took a funky 70’s themed taxi. As we headed back, we would wave to the many people that stared at us. Most of them smiled and waved back. Was very fun.

On Sunday we slept in for the first time. Then we went to the mall to see the new Batman movie. It was amazing, but the atmosphere was very strange. They had very funny, and sexual, advertisements. Then they had everyone rise for the national anthem. And THEN, they had an intermission in the middle. The whole movie experience was quite long.

Before taking a rickshaw home, I gave my leftover lunch to a beggar in the streets. Hopefully she wasn’t a vegetarian.

I’m sitting in my hotel room writing this as very loud Indian music is being blasted from next door. Hopefully they turn it down by the time I get to bed.

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