Diwali Weekend

This was the second Diwali that I experienced while in India. Last year when I was still living in a hotel, I celebrated with the hotel staff on duty. This year I got a much more full, traditional experience.

On Saturday I went to Mumbai to visit my friend Samir. After a little shopping, we went back to his house for dinner. Since it was Diwali, they had some special treats like ice-cream served in oranges.











Next stop was a family friend’s Diwali party. Turned out to be a casino night rooftop party. I wasn’t complaining.



On Sunday I did a repeat of last year’s Diwali. I visited the staff at my old hotel for some firecracker fun. It really is amazing what is legal, or not enforced, when it comes to fireworks.


A popular way to launch the bottle rockets is by launching them from an old beer bottle. You hope that they fly up into the air, but many times they have a mind of their own. Sometimes they’ll fly towards a tree, another house, anywhere. The hotel is right next to a gas station, which could easily turn into a BAD situation… But as long as everyone has fun that’s what counts.


Afterwards I had one of the hotel drivers take me towards my colleague’s home. My colleague gives us a landmark for us to go to and then he said he would come get me. After waiting 5 minutes, a man approaches the window and says “Are you Erik?” I say yes and hops in the back of the car. The driver asks me if this was my friend and I said “uh…no…” Turned out to be the brother-in-law of my colleague, who never told me initially. We drive a bit and then we get out. He leads me down alley ways and up a winding staircase of a narrow building. Finally we reach my colleague’s apartment where a puja (ceremony) was taking place.

After the puja, we went up to the roof to enjoy some snacks while my colleague’s daughter lit some sparklers.


Before dinner I went to wash up in the bathroom. This was a very, traditional, bathroom setup.


















We ate on the floor of the living room. Even though it was a small space, it was very cozy and everyone had a nice time. I felt very lucky to be able to experience a very traditional diwali. I think my colleague’s daughter was also happy I was there.


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