Dinner Delight

Dinner last night was very memorable. I went up to the make your own pasta stand and asked the cook questions about what all the ingredients were. At one point I pointed to an herb and asked him how spicy it was. He picks up a small bit of it in his bare hand, rolls it around, and confidently tells me that it is not spicy.  Besides the fact that this is slightly unsanitary, I found it hilarious that he could determine spiciness by simply the touch of his skin. Quite a skill set.

When I was ordering dessert, one of the waiters came over and I asked what flavors of ice cream they had. After hearing the list, I thought I’d ask to see if they had mango ice cream. He told me to wait one minute while he goes to ask one of the chefs. He then turns 90 degrees to the guy standing next to him and asks him if they had mango ice cream. I was expecting him to go in the back of the kitchen and ask the ice cream specialist or something.

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