Dealer Dinner

Last night I went out to dinner with my colleague and one of our dealers. He took a liking to me so he wanted to make sure I went to a “famous” restaurant in Nagpur. Apparently the translation of famous here is food that’s prepared in a sanitary way. So, famous food is fine by me.







On the way we hit a lot of traffic from the festival going on now. Music was blasting and people were crowding the streets laughing and dancing. Indians definitely know how to have a good time.

The restaurant was actually pretty nice. It was a secluded outdoors venue that made me forget I was in the city. The dealer was drinking like a sailor. He kept ordering us each another round of beer. The man is in his late 60’s as well but kept going strong. It’s tough to keep that up with a dinner that is so heavy.

One item on the menu was “American Sweet Corn.” Of course we ordered it and I was required to let the staff know if it truly was American style. It just tasted like an Indian corn dish to me, but I told them it was nice.

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  1. Pascal Wagner Says:

    Definitely cool video! It’s one thing to see photos but you definitely get a better feel for the atmosphere with a video!

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