Day 1

We had breakfast at the hotel and got picked up by my manager, Justin. He showed us the mall and took us out to lunch. We sat at a table next to some British guys and near a Chinese family. This, plus the strange Latin music playing in the background, made me forget I was in India.

After lunch we went over to the office. The building is fairly simple. Everything is out in the open. After going around and introducing ourselves to everyone, we sat in on a training presentation. The coffee I had in the morning had me awake, while my colleagues Fan and Bakh were dozing off.

We left the office early and set out for the mall again. We went to the food court and had a traditional Indian meal of Pizza Hut. It was pretty good! Then we went to the supermarket and I bought some cereal.

My cereal was the only thing I was holding. But, every time we entered a store, my cereal was taken from me until I exited. The logic behind this is that I could possibly hide goods inside my cereal box and walk out with them. Similar oddities include most security guards waving a metal detector wand around you before you enter a building. However, even if it beeps, they still let you go through. It seems they don’t really know what their job is, just that it is to wave the stick.

While leaving the mall, the power went out. This seemed to be an everyday occurrence since nobody was bothered. As we left the mall, the monsoon rains began. It is very hard to have bargaining leverage with cab drivers when it is pouring rain. We finally got back to the hotel, which was also out of power. Fortunately I had brought a small LED flashlight with me.

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