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Police Arrest 3 Men for Gang-Raping 

A 19 year old girl was leaving a friend’s party and was offered a ride home by another guy at the party named Dinesh. Since the girl knew Dinesh, she gladly accepted and the two rode off on his motorcycle. Dinesh (21) took the girl to an apartment where two of his friends were staying, 21 year old Naveen and 30 year old Satyadev. The guys offered her a drink that was laced with sedatives. After she fell unconscious, the three took turns raping her. When the girl came to, she called the place and got herself a medical examination. The report described Dinesh and Naveen as both 21 years old and from the same village. Satyadev is 30 years old that is married and has two children…

It’s amazing that stories like these are found in the paper EVERY day. I’m glad that there is so much awareness about this major issue. But at the same time, the stories don’t offer the same impact as when they were rarely reported cases. Hopefully future sex education classes and better handling of these situations will improve conditions going forward.

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