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 I was Helped by Jail Staff: Serial Rapist Jaishankar

A serial killer/rapist was arrested last Friday after escaping from prison. In order to escape, he paid the jail warden an enticing bribe of 1,000 Rupees (~$18) for a spare set of keys. After leaving his cell, he went outside and scaled the 30 foot wall separating him from his freedom. After making it over the wall, he injured himself and hobbled a distance to a deserted shed. He survived the first few days drinking water from a lake and buying food. (How did he had money). When the pain got too bad, he had local boys purchase buns for him. It’s unclear what the real story is though, as he the serial killer/rapist kept changing the details of his whereabouts. It’s also suspicious that he was found clean shaven. It must have been a 5 Star fisherman’s shed he lived in for 6 days. And I’m not sure he is in the best shape to be able to scale a 30 foot wall…


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