Crazy News

Here are some more bizarre stories from this week’s news.

“Pilots sleep as air-hostess turns off autopilot on Bangkok-Delhi flight”

While flying from Bangkok to Delhi, the pilot thought it would be a good idea to spend a few minutes teaching two flight attendants how to operate the aircraft. Then he put the plane in autopilot and left the flight attendants alone in the cockpit while he and his co-pilot napped in business class. I’m sure after a thorough 3 minutes of training, the flight attendants felt confident to monitor the flight’s status. Clearly this was not the case when one of the flight attendants accidentally turned off autopilot. Fortunately the pilots woke up and were able to get things back in order just in time. Needless to say I won’t be flying this airline for a while. I prefer airlines with trap doors.

“Minor girl burnt alive by neighbor for resisting rape attempt”

22 year old Kashyap visited a 16 year old girl’s home and tried to rape her. When she refused, kashyap doused her in kerosene and set her on fire. Unfortunately  even after being rushed to the hospital, she passed away. Apparently after lighting the girl on fire, Kashyap felt bad about what he did and attempted suicide by drinking poison. I think the best way to describe this story would be FUBAR.

“Woman alleges husband forced her to drink poison”

After getting married, Gaurav kept demanding that his wife ask her parents for 4 lakh ($8,000). Since her parents were not in a position to provide such support, his wife took a job at a call center. Gaurav was not happy about this. Since his wife could not provide the dowry that Gaurav and his family wanted, he decided the best solution was to drink some poison and call his wife at work to say he “had an accident.” When she arrived home, he made her sign a suicide note and also drink some of the poison. The couple was later rushed to a hospital. Again… FUBAR.

“Cabbie takes woman, minor daughter for a ride”

Mrs. Sakpal and her daughter left the mall at 9pm and got into taxi. When Sakpal asked to be taken home, the driver refused. Instead he started speeding and mumbling to himself. When Sakpal asked the driver to stop, he continued on and drove into back alleys. Finally the taxi was pulled over after Sakpal had called the police. The driver told the police he took a wrong turn that must have scared Sakpal. He was released on bail…

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