Conference Keynote Speech

Thanks to my past teaching at the local university, I was invited to give a keynote speech for a conference they were holding on sustainability. Various professors were presenting their research papers while a panel of moderators offered comments and constructive criticism.


We started off the day with a group photo of the panel. Another expat was also invited to give an opening speech. What’s funny is that neither of us truly knew what type of conference it would be until we arrived. There was very little information before hand. Nevertheless, we made sure to have a good breakfast before the conference began.


Then we proceeded to the conference. As a token of their appreciation, I was given a nice potted plant. This plant is now sitting on my balcony soaking up the sun.


IMG_1201I didn’t have much knowledge on the topic of sustainability, so I made sure to Google a few articles in order to become an expert overnight. I think the response was overall good.


The speeches went on for most of the day. Most of them were quite interesting with very detailed data. Some individuals could benefit from a few visits to a ToastMasters club.

After the speeches, we ended with another nice group photo. The whole experience was very unusual, but it was a fun, different way to spend a Saturday.


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