Chor Bazaar

This weekend I took a trip to Chor Bazaar, which is known as the “thieves┬ámarket.” Everything that is stolen or taken from customs ends up at Chor Bazaar. It’s the first black market that I’ve ever been to and they have everything.








It’s like taking a walk back in time.







One of the most interesting things is that nothing goes to waste. There is always somebody who will salvage spare parts.

Spare Parts







I was at one shop and my friend saw a 1987 encyclopedia, which happened to be the year his brother was born. He thought it’d be a good birthday present and asked how much it would cost. The shop keeper put on his spectacles and started flipping through the book. He must have been wondering why on earth somebody would value such a thing. He asked for $80. After some negotiation, my friend got it for $5. Not bad…

The weather was also quite nice. Good day for a motorcycle ride.

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