Chinese Pigeon

During my first few months in India, I would always have lunch at the same Chinese restaurant near my office. They had tasty food and it was convenient. Over time I got to know the staff there pretty will. But after a while, I need a change of scene. So I started bringing my lunch or going to other restaurants. I think they wanted me back, so they had special promotions like “Thai Night.” Really? If I wanted Thai food I would go to a Thai restaurant.










Yesterday after finishing my lunch from another restaurant, I was on my way back to the office when I saw a huge flock of pigeons fly by. I didn’t think much of it and kept walking. In the distance, I see two guys crouched over in front of the Chinese restaurant, which happened to be where the pigeons flew away from. As I got closer, I noticed it was the owner of the restaurant and one of the waiters.  The owner of the restaurant was clutching a pigeon in his hand while the waiter had a knife to the bird’s foot.










This did not look good. First of all, it looked pretty cruel to be slicing and dicing a pigeon. At the same time, I’m wondering how long they have been serving pigeons at their restaurant. I’ve eaten there on and off for the past 8 months…

It turns out that he owner was feeding the pigeons. After the bag of feed was empty, he threw it on the ground, resulting in a swarm of pigeons diving for the bag. The one he was holding got his foot tangled in the bag, so he was trying to cut him free. Definite paradigm shift.

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