Chennai Beach

This past weekend I visited Chennai. My first day there I was busy with work, but on Saturday I had a chance to explore the city. My first stop was Marina Beach, which is the world’s second largest beach. What’s interesting about the beach in India is that people go there completely dressed. The women wear burkas or saris and the men are usually in full dress as well. Nevertheless, they still have a good time.








After the beach I went to one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in town called Sangheeta’s. After taking a look at the menu, I found a few dishes that sounded interesting. I decided to choose the dish that was forbidden to be shared with others.















After lunch, I took a drive around the city for a few hours until going to the airport in the late afternoon. Since the traffic in Chennai is so bad, there were many opportunities for people watching. Here are some of my favorites from the day:

#1: There was a big green truck driving alongside me. It looked like a military vehicle. After a more careful observation, I noticed people were moving around inside. Then when it passed in front of us I saw that it was a school bus.














#2: I’ve seen people on motorcycles transporting many strange things. Today it was sheets of foam.









#3: I was next to this guy for a while. He was getting so much enjoyment chewing on the handles of his plastic bag. Even when the wind blew, he would try to snatch it in the air.










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  1. Pascal Wagner Says:

    This is crazy! Were you in full clothing at the beach? =P
    Weather didn’t look too nice and there were still loads of people!

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