Busy Busy

Things have been busy in the office. I’ve been giving training sessions on public speaking in order to improve employee communication. Today I had a whole room of Indians saying “How Now Brown Cow.”

I tried Indian Subway today. Everything was very similar, although there were some new sandwiches that the U.S. doesn’t have. Jared would be proud. There was another American there, which is always a rare find.

Recently India decided it’d be a good idea to set a temporary limit on the number of text messages you can send. Until August 31st, you can only send 5 text messages per day. Maybe this will lessen the load on bandwidth capacity? Or maybe this will just distract people from the things like the Delhi power crisis and the recent news about how lots of money was lost from selling coal fields cheaply. Who knows?

Next week I am going to be in Bangalore to explore the market. I look forward to cooler temperatures and cleaner air.

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