I left the Royal Orchid Hotel in Mumbai today and flew to Bangalore, where I’m staying in the Royal Orchid Central. It’s a very nice hotel chain.

After getting settled in, I grabbed a rickshaw to visit the Lalbagh Park. The rickshaw I was in was probably the most pimped out rickshaw I have ever been in. The speakers were bumpin’.

Lalbagh Park is gorgeous. It’s so huge that after a while I forgot I was in a huge city. There were nice big trees, rose gardens, bonsai trees, and a big lake. Lots of families were there having lunch or relaxing. The park is also a popular place for young couples to go where they won’t be “judged” by their families.








The strangest thing I saw at the park was this one spot where birds kept on flocking to. It seemed like nonstop dejavu, but the birds kept coming.

When I was leaving I found a rickshaw who agreed to drive me around to various spots. I visited the Bull Temple, where the religious man there gave me the red dot on my forehead. Then I visited the Tipu Sultan Palace, the Parliament building, and the Bangalore Palace. It’s always convenient to not have to try and find a rickshaw and negotiate prices constantly. I would have visited more places, but the monsoon rains kicked in.

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