Bangalore Weekend

My friend Cody from San Francisco recently moved to Bangalore, where he has a 6 month contract with his company. Since I was in Chennai last week, I thought I would jet over to Bangalore for the weekend.

I hadn’t been there for a year, but I still was able to be a quasi tour guide. During the day we visited some of Bangalore’s famous parks. After when we were taking a rickshaw home, the driver asked us if we could visit a shop for 5 minutes. The incentive for the ┬ádriver is he gets a gas card for bringing foreigners to antique shops in hopes that we buy buy buy. Strangely enough, I was taken to the exact same shop that a driver took me to a year ago. The employees didn’t remember me, but I thought it was a funny coincidence.

We spent the night at a local watering hold where we met a few other people. Since Cody has a large apartment in the center of town, we invited our new friends back to hang out.

arm wrestle


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