AC Explosion

A few weeks ago my AC unit blew up. When the unit was installed, the service guy jimmy-rigged the wires because they didn’t have an extension cord. This caused the condenser to spark and set the unit on fire. The smoke was heavy from the plastic melting. This was how the aftermath looked.








It took two weeks before the repair man came to install the new unit. After they arrived, they got the AC unit ready to install.









Unfortunately, they soon realized that they did not have a ladder or stool. This prevented them from being able to install the unit.









First they asked my neighbor for a ladder. Then they called their boss to ask for a ladder. Many hours later, the ladder arrived. That’s when they realized they lacked the proper tools to install it. They left around 9pm.









A few days later, two different repair men came. They had the stool but they didn’t have any tools. So they decided to sit for a while.









Finally, after a long delay, they finally got the unit installed. Now they just need to paint it.










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