100% Sanitation Achieved


In 2008, India launched its “Total Sanitation Campaign,” a drive to build more toilets and reduce public defecation. This was an attempt to reduce the amount of untreated waste left in the streets. Because one in two Indians (650 million people) relieve themselves out in the open, action needed to be taken. However, in order to reach this goal, 78 new toilets must be built every minute over the next few years.¬†While this may seem like quite the challenge, one state has been able to succeed.

The first state to achieve 100% sanitation is Sikkim, India’s second smallest state in East India. The Indian President presented a gold metal to the state’s Chief Minister to congratulate them for being completely free of squatters. Incentives are being given to Sikkim and other states anywhere from $800 to $80,000.

I wish I got that kind of incentive for using the bathroom indoors.

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