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Last night our study program had a Thanksgiving dinner for us at a nearby restaurant. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes (which I did not care for per usual), and best of all, broccoli! It had been far too long since I had savored to iron-rich taste of broccoli. Manuela made it once for us, but it was pureed and just not the same. You’re supposed to eat broccoli like you did when you were a kid. You pretend you’re a giant and that you’re eating an entire tree. The whole night was great. It was the first meal in a while that I was actually able to control how much food I wanted to eat. When you’re at Manuela’s, you finish your plate and you like it. I really need to get on a scale one of these days…

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Today I went on a field trip with my ecology class to northern Seville, to see nature at its best. We took a bus ride an hour north to the Sierra Norte region where we stopped for breakfast. The delicacy there is to use deer liver as a spread for toast. Not half bad… not half good either. We then began our trek at about 11am, receiving ecological fun facts along the way. The land was very red due to the high levels of clay in the soil. It was quite pretty.


After some hiking we ‘made camp’ and set up the equipment for rock climbing. I was the first one to climb and it was a lot of fun. I have climbed indoors in a secure environment, but I have never done it in the wild. Our professor had me and the others who climbed give a sexy pose while climbing and he took our picture. I dread a slideshow at the end of the semester…

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The Rain in Spain

Today was one of the first cold and rainy days we have had in Seville. Fortunately, I have my red polka dot umbrella which I purchased in Granada. Unfortunately, the only pair of pants I brought to Spain were in the wash, so I had to brave the day in a pair of shorts. Due to the upcoming cold weather, my host family gave us a heater to use in our room since there is no central heating. It makes such a difference. Previously I had just been using my computer as a tiny space heater, but a real one is much more comfortable.

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I just finished a funny lunch. We play a game with our host family during lunch where we turn on the news and have to guess the color of the suit worn by the news anchor, who happens to be Fernando’s cousin. Today my host dad was explaining that his cousin always wears very conservative outfits. Manuela said that his cousin was old fashion and that he was too. For whatever reason, Fernando got a real kick out of this and spewed his drink. He was laughing and hacking in the bathroom for quite some time. It was pretty hilarious.

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Recently I have been playing the role of tour guide because I have had several friends visit Seville. My restaurant knowledge has more than doubled because before I had only eaten most meals with my host family. Everyone seemed to enjoy the fact that Seville almost always has great weather.

I took a weekend trip to Malaga to meet up with some friends from my home university. It was nice seeing some old faces again. We climbed the Alcazaba, which is a smaller version of the Alhambra, and got a great view from the top. We also had a relaxing evening spent by the beach.

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 I spent this past weekend showing my dad around the different parts of Seville, from the Cathedral to the Alcazar. However, most of our days followed a similar pattern. We would both meet up around noon, take in a site or two, head to a cafe or restaurant for lunch, and then break for siesta. Then around 8pm, we would trek out once again for dinner, ice-cream, and a card game. My friend Lynn also had her family visit this past weekend; however I heard her days were much more jam-packed than mine. I’m fortunate my dad is content just walking the streets as opposed to seeing everything and everything. Plus, a good ice-cream beats a long busy day every time- especially when it is ice-cream from Rayas.

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So it has been a few weeks since my last check-in. Let see what is going on…

I went to Lagos, Portugal two weekends ago with a few friends. What a gorgeous, touristy place…but so gorgeous. It rained a little bit during our stay, but not enough to dampen (no pun intended) our spirits! The city is so small that you get from one side to the other after a 10 minute walk. We tried some delicious foods, enjoyed a nice boat road around the bay, and I even took a dip in the ocean. It was chilly, but fun to do regardless.

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I have been in Spain for about a month now and I must say that this is the place to retire. Everything closes on Sundays except cafes and bars, everyone takes a siesta in the afternoons, and there’s never a rush to do anything.

My program orientation took place in Madrid, where I saw some amazing museums and got to see Spain’s capital in all its glory. From there, we took a bus to Toledo, Spain’s old capital, and saw some great architecture. From there, we got to Seville, where my program is taking place.

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On my plane ride to Japan, I was sitting next to a Japanese woman, Yumiko. Neither of us said much to each other during the 12 hour flight until right before we were landing. After a little bit of chit chat, we exchanged information and she said that I can let her know if I need anything while in Japan. I thought it was a kind gesture, but I did not think too much in to it. After a few emails back in forth, asking for directions and other small things, I was invited to spend a day with Yumiko and her family.

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I participated in a study abroad program in Tokyo, Japan from July 21st to August 18th. There were a lot of great things I did there, from trying strange foods (liver of eel, horse, etc) to making great friends to seeing amazing places. However, one of my best overall experiences has to be, without a doubt, climbing Mount Fuji.

My friend Sung and I went to the bus station a few days before our planned climb to figure out how we would get there. The direct route was sold out, so after finagling with the disgruntled bus employee, we got our tickets. Our friend Sabrina ended up buying her ticket a day or so later and also joined us on our adventure.

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