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Trash Bag Conclusion

On Saturday I went back to the same store in search of trash bags. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was feeling lucky. Nevertheless, I went through the aisles and asked a few different employees. Like last time, I was directed up and down the store. But this time, I found a helpful employee who showed me where the trash bags are kept.

They only carry 1 brand of trash bags. Looking at the package, you would never be able to tell that they are trash bags. I made sure to buy in bulk in case of another stock out.

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Trash Bags

Things have been pretty busy for me lately. I’ve been given some new job responsibilities and I’ve moved into an apartment. Since I’m no longer in a hotel, I went to the mall to buy some trash bags. After looking around for 5 minutes, I asked one of the employees where I could find them. They pointed to the other side of the store and said “sir, just go straight.” I walked straight to the end of the aisle and saw no trash bags. I saw another employee nearby and asked him where I could find trash bags. He pointed in the direction I just came from and said “sir, just go straight.”

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Buddhist Wedding

Another one of my colleagues got married yesterday. Even though she is also a Buddhist, the wedding ceremony was performed differently. I was told last night that every 3 kilometers you travel, everything is slightly different. This includes the taste of the water, the language/accent, food preparations, and more.

In classic Indian fashion, I rode on a motorcycle to get to the wedding.

The ceremony is fairly short and consists of a monk praying and instructing the bride and groom to perform different rituals.

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Crazy News

Here are some more bizarre stories from this week’s news.

“Pilots sleep as air-hostess turns off autopilot on Bangkok-Delhi flight”

While flying from Bangkok to Delhi, the pilot thought it would be a good idea to spend a few minutes teaching two flight attendants how to operate the aircraft. Then he put the plane in autopilot and left the flight attendants alone in the cockpit while he and his co-pilot napped in business class. I’m sure after a thorough 3 minutes of training, the flight attendants felt confident to monitor the flight’s status. Clearly this was not the case when one of the flight attendants accidentally turned off autopilot. Fortunately the pilots woke up and were able to get things back in order just in time. Needless to say I won’t be flying this airline for a while. I prefer airlines with trap doors.

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Jalebi Village

On Wednesday I had lunch at a restaurant called “the Village,” which is a pure¬†vegetarian¬†restaurant that serves food from all over India. It also just so happened that a Haldi (pre-wedding party) was taking place. They were playing crazy music, dancing a bit, and there was a microphone hanging from the ceiling that somebody was yelling into. I was tempted to shout “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

There was a camera man filming the entire event. Of course when he saw me, he quickly lost interest in filming the relatives and decided to watch me eat my lunch. His camera had some sort of powerful LED light on it that was blinding. I hope the couple enjoys me being in their wedding video.

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Bollywood Fight Club

This morning I was flipping channels and came across Bollywood Fight Club. If you only watch the trailer, it appears to be in a similar bad-ass fashion as the original.

But if you keep watching, you’ll realize it’s just another Bollywood movie with dancing.

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Driver Advice

I had another interesting driver take me back to my hotel this evening. As I mentioned in a previous post, some of the most common questions you’re asked in India is “Are you married?” and “Do you have girlfriend?” Usually the conversation ends after that. This was not the case today.

My driver felt obligated to offer his thoughts on sex education. I was reminded to be responsible, which was a strangely nice thing to hear from a complete stranger. He said “You will enjoy. It’s good. But safety is very important.”

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Crazy News

This week seemed to have an unusual amount of crazy stories in the newspaper. There were many to choose from, but here are the summaries from the top 3 strangest in my opinion.

#1:¬†“Seven Eunuchs Rob Train Passengers”

A gang of eunuchs boarded a train in East India and demanded 10 Rupees (18 cents…) from each passenger. When passengers refused to pay, all hell broke loose. For the next half hour, the eunuch banditos went on a looting spree, stealing whatever the passengers were carrying. Resistance was futile, as the eunuchs were threatening passengers with daggers and thrashing them with sticks. When the train reached the station, the eunuchs got off and disappeared.

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Goats and Ditches

It’s been a while since I’ve reported strange sightings in India. Today was a two for one special. The first interesting event was seen when I was leaving the office to go to lunch. As soon as I walk out the door, I see a ton of goats crossing the street walking towards a grassy area for grazing. They were led across the highway and to their lunch spot by a villager, who commanded their respect by shouting and waving a stick.

Next on the list was when I was actually walking to lunch. There has been a lot of construction going on where I work, especially on the roads. Today some workers were digging ditches so that they could lay pipes down. What they neglected to think about was the fact that where they were digging, many cars were parked on the other side. Everyone who parked by a hotel now had a 2 foot deep by 1 foot wide ditch preventing them from driving their car away. I hope they weren’t in a rush.

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Kiran Kiran

Currently there are two employees working at my hotel, both named Kiran. One is a guy and one is a girl. Yesterday a special thing happened. They were both working during the same shift. As you can see, female Kiran was not too amused.

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