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Monsoon Round Two

I never thought I would ever experience the monsoon rains of India once, let alone two years in a row. It’s been a nice change in temperature from the brutal summers. This time of year traveling by train gets even more difficult. Sometimes the tracks flood, the rain blows in through the open doors, and everyone in the train is drenched.

This week I was traveling by train from Bombay to my office and the rains got really heavy. I had to take refuge at the local mall until things calmed down.

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Google Mouth Freshener

Copyright infringement much?

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Chinese Pigeon

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Mystery Cuisine

Street vendors in India are always interesting. Just watching the preparation of the food can be hypnotizing. The other day I was outside a supermarket and I saw a man preparing his food cart. It looked like he was serving paneer, but it was hard to tell.

On his cart he had a huge block of ice in front of the big slab of mystery cuisine. Then he would take small chunks of the mystery cuisine and line them up on the ice to keep it cool. Afterwards he wrapped the whole thing in saran wrap to keep it together. I imagine after a few hours he will be able to serve up some tasty treat to the locals.

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AC Explosion

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Almost Monsoon

Monsoon season is slowly making its way to the Mumbai area. This past week clouds have started forming and there has been small rain showers in the morning. In another few weeks there will be nonstop rain for a few months. This is much needed to clear the pollution, provide drinking water, and irrigate the crops.

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Pumpkin Disco

Everywhere you visit there are foods that are not common to your home country. The most obvious ones in India include the variety of spices, vegetables, and fruits. Recently I came across a new food all together: Pumpkin Disco

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Cari Cature

Almost every Sunday I go for a buffet lunch at a nice hotel in town. It’s very festive, with live music, a magician, and other random activities. This weekend they had an artist doing caricatures. You may notice that they called them Cari Catures.

I was talking to the guy while he was drawing me. He said he is a painter, but his friend got him a job on the weekend doing drawings. As he was talking to me, he kept giving me intense stares in very short bursts.

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Sonu the Taxi Man

After work on Friday I needed to take a taxi home because my driver was on vacation. I go to the nearby taxi stand where the drivers hang out all day laughing and telling jokes. I tell them where I need to go and after arguing among each other, a driver gets up and motions me to go with him. We get to the car and he says “AC or non-AC.” I told him non-AC, because that saves me 50 Rupees (one dollar…). Then we get in and take off for my apartment.

Usually, in an attempt to not get ripped off, I’m very friendly with taxi drivers and I make sure to use some Hindi to build rapport. When I asked him how his day was going in Hindi, he responded in perfect English “It’s all good. What’s up with you?” I was in awe. Most taxi drivers rarely speak English, let alone with a crystal clear accent.

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New Apartment

After almost a year of living in a hotel, I finally moved to my own apartment. A hotel certainly had its conveniences. I didn’t have to do my own laundry, food was always ready downstairs, and there was always a friendly face behind the desk to talk to. I made some very good friends at the hotel who made my stay there a great experience. But, at the same time, living in a small single room and eating the same buffet dinner every night for a year can get old.

My new apartment is quite spacious. I have a living room, office, bedroom, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and small dining area. There are 3 balconies which includes one small seat swing to relax on. I have AC in 2 rooms and fans in the other rooms. It’s a real treat to have a kitchen again. I don’t cook extensively, but having the option is really great. I also have a big fridge to store leftovers and groceries.

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