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Business Center

After breakfast I wanted to go to the hotel’s business center so that I could get some work done. It was my first time going in, so I looked for the sign that said “business center” and went in. There were a few computers and lots of Royal Orchid notes on the wall. It seemed strange to have employee belongings in there, but I thought that maybe the area is shared. After some time, an employee walks in and asks if I’m trying to print something. I say that I was thinking about it. He tells me that I need to do that in the business center. I asked him where I was. He said I was in the employee office. Woops.

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I tried to get a rickshaw from my hotel but there weren’t any there. So, I decided I would just walk to the mall. Cross the streets is like playing high stakes Frogger.

Once I got to the mall, I was trying to find where the salon was so that I could get a haircut. Turns out it was located inside the supermarket. Very strange. The guy did a good job though and it only cost me 6 bucks for a trim.

I got lunch at KFC, which seemed a lot better than the American KFC. My order was so large that they gave me 4 free drinks. I gave one to a guy sitting next to me. I gave another to a kid sitting across from me. He was hesitant to accept the drink. However, his friend was very eager to have a tasty drink.

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Quite the Friday

On my commute to work today I saw an elephant crossing the street. No big deal.

Lunch usually takes at least an hour and a half in India because service is very slow. So, I tried to bypass this by calling in my order ahead. I think I saved all of ten minutes. Was worth a try.

I stayed in the office pretty late today brainstorming with my boss. Lot of great ideas came up that I hope we can successfully implement.

I went straight to the mall after work. I tried to find a small desk fan that I could use in the office. It gets pretty hot in there. I was told that I need to go to a hardware store. The search continues.

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Power Outage

I leave my room this morning to head down to breakfast as usual. In the hallway, there’s one of the hotel staff checking to see if anybody has laundry that needs to be done. I say “good morning” to the guy. He responds with “good morning sir” and puts out his hand, which I assumed was in order to shake my hand. He takes my hand, puts it to his forehead, and asks how I’m doing. I say fine and quickly head down to breakfast.

The Mumbai area is very fortunate to have not lost power during the huge Delhi power outage. That would have made things very difficult. It’s really a bad blow to India. MNC’s aren’t going to have much confidence in India as an area of investment if they can’t keep their operations going 24/7.

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Motorcycles and Cows

It’s taken about a week but I finally got my sim card. I went to Vodafone with our operations manager. Since it was too far to walk, we took his motorcycle there. I’ve never been on a motorcycle before, but it was awesome.

On my way home, there was a huge traffic jam. It turned out to be a bunch of cows sitting in a circle on the road. It looked like they were playing a game of poker. It’s still amazing to wonder how people drive around here without getting into an accident.

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Coconut Water

Today after lunch I tried a coconut water for the first time. The guy that runs the fruit stand is very skilled at preparing the drink. He slices and dices the top and sticks a straw in for you. If you want to eat the coconut meat, he’ll carve out the top, and then he’ll carve a spoon out of the husk.

I had dinner at the hotel buffet tonight. Even though I was already sitting, waiters came up 5 different times to ask me if I wanted any starters, Indian breads, or drinks. First of all, asking me 5 times is definitely over kill. Secondly, why would I want a starter when I’m already eating my dinner? Starts come before the main course.

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In the Field

Today was my first day out in the field, where I got to shadow one of our best outside sales reps. The rush hour train in the morning gave me flashbacks to Japan, but with less air conditioning.

Some of the dealers are situated in very hole-in-the-wall locations. At one point we were in a building and I was pretty sure the stairs were going to fall apart. But the offices all had fans and internet. They also always offered us tea or coffee. Some got very excited to have an “American representative” visiting their office. One dealer kept talking to me about how his brother is a doctor in the U.S.

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Rain Forest Cafe

India has its own version of the Rain Forest Café which I am confident is not part of the franchise. The lighting is very dark, the walkway makes it easy to trip, and the staff was dressed like it is St. Patrick’s Day. Nevertheless, it was a pretty cool place. They had a huge screen where they were playing VH1 music videos. However, they were also blasting house music which did not go with the music videos at all. Quite the rain forest. I did enjoy my quasi-Italian lasagna though.

I got the chance to go over to my manager’s apartment. It was a nice place and it gave me a nice idea of what I should try to look for during my apartment search. Balconies are where it’s it!

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Hotel Reception

Getting a SIM card here is pretty complicated. I had to give a copy of my passport and visa, as well as provide 2 passport sized photos. I didn’t have any extras on me (duh) so I went with the office boy to the local photography shop. It was this little hole in the wall place where nobody spoke English. I tried to articulate that I only need 2 photos. I received 20 photos, all in different sizes.

Back at the hotel there was a reception for guests staying for an extended period of time. I met a guy from Texas who has worked in Saudi Arabia for a while. He’s working on building a shopping mall in India. I also met a guy from Los Angeles that was contracted to build a theme park here. Both of them are well traveled and had some great stories to tell.

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