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Chor Bazaar

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Dust and Spit

The weather has been getting hotter and dustier lately. All of the Mumbai pollution certainly doesn’t help as well. This leads to people often spitting while they are outside because of all the dust that gets in your mouth.

Today I was being driven to work by one of the drivers who is nick-named “Sardar.” This is because a popular movie came out called Son of Sardar and the driver resembles the main actor.

As we were driving, a man in the car in front of us stuck his head out of the window and unleashed an explosive spit spray. It was quite impressive. The projectile saliva reminded me of the WWE wrestler HHH, as he often does something similar with water.

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Not Caesar Salad

I get lunch at the same place almost every day at a hotel. They serve amazing quesadilla, a dish difficult to find in India. I often get that and a Mediterranean salad. I also usually call ahead so I can give my order and then walk over to eat it. Less time waiting. It’s a good routine.

They’ve only messed up my order once. They gave me a Caesar salad by mistake. Since then, when the server repeats my order on the phone, he always says: “Yes sir, that’s one not Caesar salad but Mediterranean salad, and one chicken quesadilla.” Always makes me chuckle.

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Wine Tasting

I went back to the arts festival this past weekend. It was much more crowded this time since it was the last day of the festival.

There was a wine and cheese tasting event that I attended with a few friends. It was unlimited, which meant I got to try one of everything multiple times. Great way to spend an afternoon.

I enjoyed one of the speakers who gave some tips on how to perfect the art of tasting wine.

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Eating with the Locals

I found a great image online that perfectly describes what it’s like to eat spicy food with the locals.

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I’ve heard quite a few Indianisms during my time here, but below are some of my favorites.

  • “Do the needful” – Please do this
  • “Prepone” – Opposite of postpone
  • “Updation” – Process of updating
  • “Different different” – Different
  • “Same same” – Same
  • “Tell me” – Common phrase for getting down to business
  • “He’s not ready” – Unwilling to do something
  • “Myself” – Referring to yourself. For example, if asked who is calling, I would say “Myself Erik.”
  • “Only” – Emphasizing a certain point. For example, “He’s at the office” vs. “He’s at the office only.

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Street food is very popular in India. Everywhere you go there is a new tasty treat to try. One of the most popular is a snack called Panipuri. It consists of a round fried crisp which is hollowed out and filled with a mixture of water, potato, chickpeas, and various spices. Panipuri is small enough so that you can fit the entire thing in your mouth. It’s very popular for people to try to eat as many Panipuri as fast as they can.

The one thing to be careful of is that it is made using sanitary ingredients. I made the mistake of having Panipuri at a food stall near the beach. I suffered for the next week because of it. However, after that my stomach could handle anything.

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Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

This past week of work has been very busy. Fortunately I got to relax this weekend and enjoy some time with friends in Mumbai. My first stop was to go to the famous sandwich shop. They only prepare one kind of sandwich, but it is delicious. And per usual, I can only hope that they had washed their hands before doing the food prep.

Next I visited a local temple. Apparently it’s one of the better ones in Mumbai because they don’t force you to give money. The decorations were very nice. They even had some traditional religious music being played.

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Republic Day

I celebrated Republic Day with the staff and some guests at my hotel. They had a flag raising ceremony where all of the security guards lined up at attention.

After the ceremony they handed out some tasty Indian sweets.

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Resumes and Marriages

I’ve been finding stranger and stranger things in the resumes I’ve been going through. One had this as an objective for a sales position: “My passionate to learn new technologies and to excel in innovative technology and to do each and every work with love.” I forgot to mention the best part. His name is Fun Hardik. No further comments.

Another time I called up a professional reference and asked if there were any negatives about a candidate. I was told that there was nothing bad about him, other than the fact that he was dark skinned.  Crazy.

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