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Ask the Sexpert

The BBC recently covered a story about Dr. Mahinder Watsa’s column “Ask the Sexpert.” Dr. Watsa’s goal is to promote discussion on the topic of sex education, which remains a controversial topic in India. What is most surprising is that Dr. Watsa began his column 10 years ago at the age of 80.

When you see the questions posed to him, you can really understand the lack of knowledge that exists. Below are some of the┬ámore unusual questions along with Dr. Watsa’s sarcastic replies.

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Funny Food Delivery

One of the families that lives in my apartment community has a son going to school in Boston. On my most recent trip home, his mother asked if I can bring some home-cooked foods for him. I said it was no problem and brought the goodies with me.

Since they were cooked foods, he needed to collect them from me before they went bad. Unfortunately, I was away that weekend so I couldn’t go out to meet him. To spare my mother the details, I told her that my “friend” would be coming to collect a bag of food. Seemed simple enough.

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Indian Tour Bus

This is how the local bands travel from gig to gig.

I hope those instruments are bolted down well.

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The Only Store

If you’ve ever spent some time in India, you’d understand why the name of this store is funny.

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Jaipur Day Tour

Jaipur has to be one of my favorite cities in India. It feels very untouched with the old traditions still in place. The buildings are also gorgeous and almost all of them are colored pink.

Even some of the elephants are pink.

I got to visit some forts with great architecture with an amazing view.

This photo shows you can’t judge a book by its cover.

And it wouldn’t be a trip to India without some snake charmers.

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Point of View

It’s interesting how your perspective changes in different parts of the world. I’m fairly certain nobody from the western world considers bell peppers and broccoli as an “exotic” vegetable.

When I think exotic, I normally think about the 4 foot gourds that I see in the supermarkets here.

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Taj Mahal

After almost 2 years in India I finally set out to see the Taj Mahal. I took a 5am flight to Jaipur, got to my hotel by 7:30am, and left for the Taj Mahal around 8:30am. After a few rest stops, we finally reached by 12:30pm.

I had a guide with me explaining the history of the Taj Mahal. The best part was he knew all the places where you should have photos taken. He also had me do some interesting poses.

I had a great time visiting the Taj Mahal. However, I think it was a over-hyped. In fact, I probably had more fun exploring Jaipur for the day since it was less touristy. All in all a good time though.

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Goa Round Two

I made it to Goa again. Fortunately, this time was for vacation and not for work. It’s not that I don’t enjoy visiting Sewage Treatment Plants in 90 degree weather, I just prefer hanging by the beach.

Goa is famous for its restaurants, especially for seafood. This one restaurant was boasting that its been around since 2014. Seems like that’s something you wait a few years to declare.

The best way to get around is by Vespa. I had no experience riding, so fortunately my girlfriend took care of that while I enjoyed the scenery.

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Mumbai Traffic Police

The Mumbai traffic police said it best. And I can personally confirm traffic moves slow enough to read this whole thing.

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Rubbernecking on Steroids

Tonight I was heading home from work like any other day. All of a sudden, a big dump truck in front of us had its back tire explode, launching straight towards us. Luckily it didn’t have much air and landed for us to drive over. If it hit the windshield it definitely would have cracked it.

This event was startling to say the least. But the most interesting part was what happened directly afterwards. Almost like synchronized swimmers, immediately after this took place, my car and about 10 others put on their blinkers and pulled over to the side of the road. The drivers then immediately got out to inspect their cars. However, I think this was just an excuse to unleash some serious rubbernecking to see what the driver was up to.

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