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Kiran Kiran

Currently there are two employees working at my hotel, both named Kiran. One is a guy and one is a girl. Yesterday a special thing happened. They were both working during the same shift. As you can see, female Kiran was not too amused.

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Driver Without Penis

I’ve had good luck having interesting drivers. Most recently I’ve had one who I gave a chocolate to because I had left overs from the office. He told me I was the first foreigner to ever give him a gift. Since then he’s been very friendly.

Today we were driving and somebody almost cut us off. He immediately yelled “Driver without penis!” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, since his English is tough to understand in general. As we passed the car, I saw the driver was female. Ah, now I get it.

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Empty Flight

I returned to Mumbai today. Although I did not have luck getting upgraded to business class, I was fortunate enough to not have anybody sit next to me for both flights. This meant I could lounge, stretch my legs, and keep extra things on the seat. You don’t receive the same high class treatment as business class, but it was very enjoyable.

My layover in Amsterdam was close to 5 hours this trip. I had plenty of time to explore, eat a leisurely breakfast, and check out the shops. There was a sushi joint that I wanted to go to, but it opened when my flight took off. Nothing wrong with some sushi for breakfast.

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Strange Coincidence

When I last flew home in December, I saw the doppelganger of my friend Chris in the Delta terminal of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. He had the same build, same hair style, same face, same facial hair…it was really bizarre to say the least. But then I overheard him speaking fluent German, so I knew it couldn’t be Chris.

Fast forward to this past Friday afternoon. I’m waiting for my flight in the Delta terminal of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. There’s not much to do while waiting, so I often partake in some people watching. Guess who I see on the opposite side of the room? Chris’s German doppelganger! I was in awe. What are the odds that this same guy would be traveling the same day as me, to the same city as me, on the same flight as me?! Insane.

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I’m flying back to the US tonight. It’s always interesting to be in the airport and see all of the other travelers. I always wonder why they came to India and where they’re going.

I saw a group of youths traveling together who looked like they came for a beach party. One of them was holding a frisbee as their only carry-on luggage. He must have had a good time.

When I return the mangoes are going to be in prime season. Every Indian is surprised to hear I’ve never tried a fresh mango before. They just aren’t a common fruit in the US as far as I’m concerned. Apparently you can only eat 1 mango per day because they generate too much “heat.” I’m still not exactly sure what Indians mean when they say that, but apparently you feel warm and tingly inside. I look forward to tasting the real deal.

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Spam Messages

At least once a day I get a spam message on my phone from some advertiser. Today I got a special one that read the following:


Sounds legitimate, right?

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Funny Photos

These photos were not taken by me, but they certainly paint a picture of the kind of things that happen here in India. Below is one of my favorites from the bunch.

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Corporate Party

Tonight there was a corporate function taking place at my hotel. It was one of the largest automobile manufacturers in India celebrating the end of the financial year. I’ve never attended one, but I imagined such an event would be a classy dinner with some speeches. In India, such events include belly dancers and intoxicated dance parties…with only guys.

They do look like they’re having fun though.

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Indian Wedding

Last weekend I had the chance to attend my first traditional Indian wedding. One of my colleagues at work had his arranged marriage. I was expecting an extravagant gathering with people riding on elephants. But since he is Buddhist, the ceremony was very simple.

It was crazy having so many children running around freely. Somewhat disorganized… Nevertheless, they made the groom feel very fancy.

As soon as the two are officially married, everyone takes a handful of flowers and throws them towards the center stage.

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Not All the Same

In my last post I made the point that despite differences, some things are the same everywhere. Today I came across something that is definitely different.

I was filling out a vendor registration form with an Indian company. One section requires information about my company’s employees. It asks for what castes we employ: Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes, Minority Backward Classes, Other Backward Classes. They also want to know how many of these people are in management. How this plays into the ability for a company to sell products I don’t know.

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