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Race to the Top

Today was the Dahi Handi festival. Every year teams (often neighborhoods) compete against one another by making human pyramids in order to reach a bag of money held high up. This is to celebrate the birth of the Lord Krishna.

What makes it even more high stakes is when Handi is performed in the middle of busy intersections.

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Doggy Hotel

India has many wild dogs that roam around all hours of the day and night. Many of them find creative spots to take a nap when it’s raining.

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Second Indian Birthday

Hard to believe I got to celebrate yet another birthday while in India. Harder to believe I have lived over a year of my life in another country.

Last year I celebrated my birthday in my hotel in Bangalore while traveling for work. My hotel staff gave me a cake and then I went to my room to finish some paperwork. Jealous, I know…

This year was much nicer. Although the work day was quite long, my girlfriend and I ordered in and then noshed on some tasty sweets. Great way to spend the evening.

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India Life Lessons

The website Buzzfeed put together a great list of life lessons that are learned from living in India. Here are some of my favorites:

1) You’ve experienced a wide array of toilets. Nothing can surprise you. 

2) After spending a monsoon in Mumbai, rainy days anywhere else are child’s play.

3) Your digestive system is made of steel.

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TSA Oatmeal search

On my most recent trip back to India I wanted to bring oatmeal with me in my checked luggage. This is because India only has the 3 minute oatmeal and I prefer the old fashioned style. Apparently the oatmeal looked suspicious because TSA did a thorough search of my bag, spreading oatmeal everywhere.

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Visiting Professor

Last Thursday marked my 1 year anniversary of time that I have spent in India. I never imagined spending that much time in a foreign country. This past year has had many exciting, interesting, and strange experiences. My most recent experience was being a visiting professor teaching MBA students at a local college.

I was asked to do this by the professor of 2 students that interned with my company. Apparently that had such a good experience that their professor thought I should share some knowledge with the other students. It sounded like a better way to spend a Saturday than going to the mall, so I happily agreed.

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Elephant Festival

These elephants look very comfortable.

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Air India

The Simpsons was very creative at describing one of India’s airlines.

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Instant Curry Commmercial

Here is a great advertisement for ready-made curry.

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Chennai Beach

This past weekend I visited Chennai. My first day there I was busy with work, but on Saturday I had a chance to explore the city. My first stop was Marina Beach, which is the world’s second largest beach. What’s interesting about the beach in India is that people go there completely dressed. The women wear burkas or saris and the men are usually in full dress as well. Nevertheless, they still have a good time.

After the beach I went to one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in town called Sangheeta’s. After taking a look at the menu, I found a few dishes that sounded interesting. I decided to choose the dish that was forbidden to be shared with others.

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