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Taking Things Personally

First impressions are extremely important in India. If something goes wrong, they will never let you  and everyone they know forget it.

Here is a fine example of a customer complaining to a Bottled Water manufacturer on their Facebook page. My favorite part is where he tells other customers that they will repent their whole life for choosing this brand. And you better watch out for the “Rogue Distributors.”

But then at the same time, their Facebook page has posts praising the brand.

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Office Ganpati

We also celebrated the Ganpati festival in our office. Everyone dressed up in traditional attire and performed a puja.

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Top Secret Menu

I normally have lunch at a hotel located on the same street as my office. The guys know my order so I can just call up and tell them I’ll be there in 15 minutes. It’s very convenient.

Recently a coworker said they were interested in going there but they wanted to see a menu first. So when I was at lunch I asked one of the servers if they had a take-out menu. I was told they did not. I asked if they could make a photocopy of their menu. The server said he would ask his supervisor.

Five minutes later, the head server comes over and tells me that it is not possible to make a photocopy because it is against policy. This seemed strange, so I went to the lobby and asked one of the people at the counter for a take away menu. They asked me to wait a minute while they checked with the restaurant…obviously talking to the same people I just did. I was told the same thing that it was against policy.

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Nahi Nahi Abhi

I heard this song recently on the radio while driving home. The title is “Nahi Nahi Abhi” which translates to “Not Now.” It’s a sultry song from a 1972 movie called Jawani Diwani. It’s very catchy.

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Ganesh Chaturthi

Today is is Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival that celebrates the birthday of the elephant-head God Ganesh. I knew this because I was woken up to the sound of crazy drum beats. After going downstairs I soon saw what was going on. The boys played the drums while the men carried in the Ganesh statue.

After the drum beats finished, everyone went inside for the puja (ceremony). Fragrant incense filled the room as the ceremony began. one of the ladies prepared an offering to the gods.

After everything was set, everyone sang along with the holy man.

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Locked Out

This afternoon I was in the mood to go for a swim. So I put on my swimsuit, grabbed my goggles, threw a towel over my shoulder, and went out the door. Crap. I forgot my keys.

The first thing I do is go downstairs to the security booth. Those guys do not speak any English. I try to communicate that I locked myself out and asked if they had my apartment manager’s phone number. I did not get too far. They were more interested in having their tea break than providing a solution.

One of the senior security guards motions for me to follow him down to the parking garage. I thought maybe that’s where their supervisor was. We walk down and the security guard keeps looking left to right in search of something. Finally he finds a girl getting something out of her car and asks her to translate for him. I explain the situation and tell her that one of my colleague’s has a spare key. His phone number is on our company website.

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Hotel Fashion Show

On Saturday, the hotel that I lived in for 9 months held a fashion show for models from all over India. Although the show was intended for those who purchased tickets, I was invited because of the good relationship I have with the staff.  Every day I keep learning how important building relationships with others can be.

They really made the place look good with lights, music, the works. I had never attended a fashion show so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I guess I thought it would be something like THIS.

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Crazy News

There are always crazy stories in the news, but this one was something else.

6-Year-Old Rape Victim Ordered to Wed Rapists’s 8-Year-Old

A 40 year old man raped a 6-year-old girl that lives in his neighborhood. Instead of registering this offence with the police, the elders of the child decided to call a “village council meeting” to discuss this issue. After careful deliberation, the village council ordered the child’s parents to have her marry the rapist’s 8-year-old son. To make matters worse, while this negotiation was taking place, the rapist was raping the girl… AGAIN. The girl’s parents refused to accept the village council’s decision and fled to the police station to file a complaint.

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Kurla Taxi Ride

On Sunday I went to Mumbai to meet a friend for lunch. The journey can take anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on travel conditions. For me, it took about 2 hours. This is because the station near my home was not running for some reason, causing me to take a taxi to the next station. The train at that station was late, which made me miss the train at the next station. These are the challenges faced while traveling in the city.

Here is how fast traffic moves…

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Company Picnic

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