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Chef Bike Ride

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I often eat at the same hotel restaurant for lunch. During my time going there, I have chatted with the head chef once or twice.

Yesterday I was walking up the street to recharge my phone at vodafone when somebody on a motorcycle says hello to me while driving by. While I’m wondering who the heck that is, he slows down, as if he knows me. Turned out to be the chef going on his break.

He asks where I’m going and I tell him. Then he offers me a ride. After dropping me off, he says “later brother” and rides off.

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Indian Thanksgiving

This is the second Thanksgiving in a row that I have spent in India. I can’t help but think about my family spending time together and enjoying a delicious feast. It’s not quite the same being in another time zone, having to go to work, and ending the day home alone. My thanksgiving dinner was boiled beans and stir-fry veggies.

But at the same time, I also have opportunities to experience other amazing festivals. I’ve celebrated almost all of the major holidays in India, as well as attended a couple weddings.

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Fun at Airport!

Only in India would this be possible.

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100% Sanitation Achieved

In 2008, India launched its “Total Sanitation Campaign,” a drive to build more toilets and reduce public defecation. This was an attempt to reduce the amount of untreated waste left in the streets. Because one in two Indians (650 million people) relieve themselves out in the open, action needed to be taken. However, in order to reach this goal, 78 new toilets must be built every minute over the next few years. While this may seem like quite the challenge, one state has been able to succeed.

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Bangalore Weekend

My friend Cody from San Francisco recently moved to Bangalore, where he has a 6 month contract with his company. Since I was in Chennai last week, I thought I would jet over to Bangalore for the weekend.

I hadn’t been there for a year, but I still was able to be a quasi tour guide. During the day we visited some of Bangalore’s famous parks. After when we were taking a rickshaw home, the driver asked us if we could visit a shop for 5 minutes. The incentive for the  driver is he gets a gas card for bringing foreigners to antique shops in hopes that we buy buy buy. Strangely enough, I was taken to the exact same shop that a driver took me to a year ago. The employees didn’t remember me, but I thought it was a funny coincidence.

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Change Seats Only

In case you didn’t understand what it means to change your seats, there’s a little more emphasis.

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Interesting Seatmates

For some reason I always end up meeting very unique and interesting individuals while traveling. Normally I meet these people while flying from place to place.

This week I had to fly from Coimbatore (small city) to Chennai (capital of Tamil Nadu). Out of everyone on the flight, there were only two foreigners, including myself, and we both sat next to each other. My seatmate, Kristen, is a former military officer whose husband, also military, is stationed in a small city in Tamil Nadu. They had been there for 4 months and will be there another 8 months. We could relate on many experiences but it was also interesting to hear her perspective coming from a different part of India.

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Diwali Weekend

This was the second Diwali that I experienced while in India. Last year when I was still living in a hotel, I celebrated with the hotel staff on duty. This year I got a much more full, traditional experience.

On Saturday I went to Mumbai to visit my friend Samir. After a little shopping, we went back to his house for dinner. Since it was Diwali, they had some special treats like ice-cream served in oranges.

Next stop was a family friend’s Diwali party. Turned out to be a casino night rooftop party. I wasn’t complaining.

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Crazy News

Police Arrest 3 Men for Gang-Raping 

A 19 year old girl was leaving a friend’s party and was offered a ride home by another guy at the party named Dinesh. Since the girl knew Dinesh, she gladly accepted and the two rode off on his motorcycle. Dinesh (21) took the girl to an apartment where two of his friends were staying, 21 year old Naveen and 30 year old Satyadev. The guys offered her a drink that was laced with sedatives. After she fell unconscious, the three took turns raping her. When the girl came to, she called the place and got herself a medical examination. The report described Dinesh and Naveen as both 21 years old and from the same village. Satyadev is 30 years old that is married and has two children…

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Diwali Preparation

Diwali is almost here which means the excitement is growing. Everyone is cleaning their homes and buying sweets for friends and family. My office also does some nice things for the employees.

Here is my operations manager looking content as he inspects his hoard of chocolates

We also decorated the ceilings. Don’t worry about him, he’s a professional.

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