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Rubbernecking on Steroids

Tonight I was heading home from work like any other day. All of a sudden, a big dump truck in front of us had its back tire explode, launching straight towards us. Luckily it didn’t have much air and landed for us to drive over. If it hit the windshield it definitely would have cracked it.

This event was startling to say the least. But the most interesting part was what happened directly afterwards. Almost like synchronized swimmers, immediately after this took place, my car and about 10 others put on their blinkers and pulled over to the side of the road. The drivers then immediately got out to inspect their cars. However, I think this was just an excuse to unleash some serious rubbernecking to see what the driver was up to.

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Industrial Mosquito Repellent

This time of year there are so many mosquitoes, with many of them carrying dangerous diseases like malaria or dengue. Many offices, hotels, and restaurants will use industrial mosquito repellent to try and ward off the beasts.

Yesterday we were staying late in the office finishing some work. But that didn’t stop the guys that spray the repellent. They have a schedule to keep after all.

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70% Better

The other day I was looking at the descriptions for different tradeshows taking place in 2014. I came across one for the printing industry, that has been taking place every year for the past five years. However, this year is supposedly going to be amazing.

I love how the described this year’s event: “The 6th edition is going to be 70 percent better and larger than past editions.”

70% better…that’s a very precise figure. I wonder how they determined that. I guess they’re making sure people don’t get too excited thinking the show could be 100% better.

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Poop Dibs

While browsing the India sub-forum of Reddit, I came across a post promoting the new terminal at the Mumbai airport. To my delight, one of the comments was the joy of being the first person to drop trou on the shiny clean floors.

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Pu-King Shoes

I found the most exclusive ladies footwear on the market for sandals and slippers.

The best part is the slogan: “It’s Cool in Hot… Puking.”

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Village Wedding

Last weekend I had the rare opportunity to visit a local village where one of my employees was getting married. He is from a small farm in Solapur, which is an 8 hour drive South East of Mumbai. After recruiting as many people as we could, we put everybody in a van and set off for the adventure Saturday morning.

Before beginning the journey, one of the employees performed a puja (ritual) to give us good luck for the journey. This consisted of smashing a coconut in front of our vehicle. Then we set off for the journey.

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The Other Eric

Last night my apartment community organized a religious program with song and dance. Most of the residents joined in the celebration.

I stopped by to check out the event. While there, I met an expat who worked for Heineken. He was making sure the local breweries in India were up to code. Hopefully he’ll be able to offer some friendly discounts.

I also met a man from the Philippines named Eric. He actually lives in the same building as me, but I just never ran into him. Everyone has a different work schedule here.

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Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is quite an experience in India. Besides all of the unique foods, trying to get through check-out is wild.

Today the credit card machine wasn’t working, so the guy at the register had to be sneaky to help the person in front of me pay.

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I was at the mall today and I see a sign in one store directing people to the “Travellator.”

This sounded bad-ass! Maybe it will be a time machine, or some other cool way to get from one point to another. Turned out to be just hype.

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Conference Keynote Speech

Thanks to my past teaching at the local university, I was invited to give a keynote speech for a conference they were holding on sustainability. Various professors were presenting their research papers while a panel of moderators offered comments and constructive criticism.

We started off the day with a group photo of the panel. Another expat was also invited to give an opening speech. What’s funny is that neither of us truly knew what type of conference it would be until we arrived. There was very little information before hand. Nevertheless, we made sure to have a good breakfast before the conference began.

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