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This past weekend I visited Kerala, which is a state in southern India. I really enjoyed my time there. All the buildings were painted with bright colors and people were very friendly.

The hotel was right on the beach and had a great view. The waves at the beach were very strong and made for some fun surf. The beach had a long boardwalk with shops and restaurants on it. I don’t think foreigners are common where I was, because everybody wanted to shake my hand or take a picture with me.

The weather was so nice that I got up early to go for a run on the beach, followed by a morning swim. I got to see the local fishermen prepare their boats. They even asked me to help them push their boat into the sea.

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I got to perform the Puja ceremony at work. Basically I just rotated a candle around and around for 5 minutes while everyone else sang and clapped their hands. And it wouldn’t be an Indian ceremony without some tasty sweets afterwards.

Today while I was waiting in line to get my ticket for the train, I saw two young men in a fight. They were screaming so loud I thought they were going to kill each other. However, they were really just slapping each other back and forth. Very strange.

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India Round 2

The flights back were decent. Unfortunately my seats did not have personal screens, so I had to just listen to music to pass the time.

I made it back last night to India around midnight. There was a festival going on, which meant there was quite a bit of traffic. The whole drive was lit up with flashing lights and people dancing. It was great returning this time since I actually knew where I was going, could give proper directions to the taxi driver, and knew to ward off the “friendly” guys outside the airport.

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India Away From India

I recently had dinner with some classmates and former professors in Providence. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant, which had us use our hands to eat the shared dishes. It’s like I never left India… One of the professors is Indian, so he enjoyed hearing our stories and new knowledge of India.

Last night I met up with some fraternity brothers in Boston. We got dinner at Fire & Ice. While waiting around the grill for our food to be cooked, I was chatting with a brother about life in India. All of a sudden, an older man next to me interrupts and asks where I was in India. I told him Mumbai. He then asked me where in Mumbai. That’s how I knew he had some understanding of India. Turned out he had lived in India for 3 years himself. Really is a small world!

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Simple Food

I used to always tell my mother that she should trying cooking food that was less plain and more interesting. I take that all back. Eating simple food for the past two days has been amazing. My stomach is very happy. Trading in spicy food for oatmeal is such a treat.

This morning I went to my town’s local farmer’s market to get some fresh produce. It was very peaceful. I’m so used to cars going by, loud honking, dust in the air.

The plan for the next couple weeks is to get all the vitamins I need for my next stint in India.

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Today was a long day of traveling back to the U.S. I forgot how annoying security is for international flights. My passport and luggage was checked so many times. You’d think my personal items would be “secure” after the first or second security check.

One of the male flight attendants was very friendly, but he had barely no eyelids. That, or he just kept his eyes open outrageously wide. He sort of had that axe-murderer vibe when he looked at you.

My layover in Amsterdam was a nice transition back to Western life. I was sitting in the restaurant area around 7:30am and a group of Europeans behind me were all enjoying a pint. Best way to start the day?

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One More Day

Tomorrow is my last day in India before I head home for my two week R&R. I really look forward to eating some simple home-cooked food. My stomach is craving it.

Out of everywhere I’ve traveled to in India, I would say Bangalore wins for having the best weather. It’s much less muggy than Mumbai. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go back there soon.

Before I came to India, I packed a lot of things in my suitcase that I thought I would need here. After living in India for close to two months, there are many things which I absolutely do not need. For my next trip, my suitcase will be much lighter. That will leave more room for souvenirs…

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I had a great day today exploring Mysore and its surrounding towns. I met my taxi driver outside the hotel at 6am and we set off on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. We stopped halfway there for an Indian breakfast of idly and chai. The drive was very pretty. Not much pollution and lots of countryside. There were sugar cane and rice farms the whole way there.

My first stop was the Chamundi Hills, which is home to the Chamundeshiwari Temple and the Nandi statue. There is also a great view at the top where you can see all of Mysore.

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Hard Rock Cafe

After work I went to the Hard Rock Café. Tonight there was live music, which happened to be an 80’s tribute band. The majority of their fan base was a table of gentleman in their mid-forties. They were decent though. It was almost as if their playlist was taken from the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack.

It’s amazing how much dust and smog is noticeable when riding on a motorcycle. By the end of the day, my face is covered in dirt. I must look a little more Indian.

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The Concrete Choice

I must say that India has some of the cheesiest advertising I’ve ever seen. One of my favorites was a billboard I saw today for a cement company with the tagline “the concrete choice.” Oh, how clever.

Today was spent on the road again. I spent the most time I ever have on a motorcycle. I never knew that your butt goes numb after a 10 minute ride.

Between visiting customers, we stopped to get some tea from a small shop. When I paid, they didn’t have small enough change, so instead they gave me a candy bar and piece of gum. Interesting way of doing business.

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